When you sleep it’s death of time for a while-when you are dead it’s time entwined eternally

She knew death temporarily-waking up after her hip operation-a knee operation-a broken pelvis-she was knocked unconscious at least 5 times.

She also knew she was booked for a 2nd hip op in June.

She had been in oblivion a place no one knows but being there is silence. It’s not categorisible it’s beyond comprehension and human knowing-somewhere but where is where-a black hole a subsumption of all external and informational-it is unknown.

Why do people fear death it can’t be bad or good it is silence.

And it certainly cannot be worse than this hell hole she thought.

14 long years here-what exactly was her purpose did she need 1 no-did she have one no-pulled and pushed-force fed-depressed-oppressed-suppressed-rightless-voiceless-ignored-afraid.


Hello Mercy, my friend have you come for me?