Now it’s all about the gut!

But hasn’t it always being? Except we were told by doctors and scientists don’t listen to your gut-now it’s all about the gut and what’s going on in there.

Gut feeling. It’s in my gut. There’s something telling me in my gut. I can’t put my finger on it but my gut is…

You know these we’ve all heard or used those phrases.

Now comes the realisation that billions of bacteria in fact we are one walking load of the stuff, are affecting our gut.

Amazing isn’t it and here we were thinking it was a galaxy the gut talks.

Sometimes it gets infected-or an event happens, now of course doctors and scientists would well I don’t know can the hmm the environment-events- restructrure or contaminate your gut bacteria:I don’t know how about some evidence?

That there is no actual evidence nothing proven they have to chose that mindset. They are scientists.

Now though they are seeing a connection between mental health and what you put in your gut.

Physical health and what you put in there.


Amazing isn’t it- it’s like we are in a warped twilight zone. Now suddenly as if the proverbial cent has dropped everything is connected. How about that? The song ‘the knee is connected to the thigh bone-to the hip to the backbone- this is our skeletol Joey as I call him.

But then there is the lung is connected to the heart to the kidney to the brain within Joey.

Vagus Nerve
Vagus Nerve

Then there’s the nervous system and that is mind boggling. Vagus is the nerve of the moment.

What about the senses what are they connected to? our spirit our mind that something we just can’t put on a petrie dish,under a microscope, in a pressure sensor.

EFT works on the meridians- you can’t see them-Eft is about touch- connections-pressure points-gene changing.

We are the petrie dish.

And it works.

Like the microbiome and the psyche the mind -body-soul connections using Eft garners change.

It inculcates a massive spectrum of change in Joey-the internal organs-the nervous system.

There is no evdence-no proof-no data-no numbers-no hard facts.

Now my gut is talking:f me.