take action against the idiom

The Problem with Idioms and Their Intentionality by the Speaker

Idioms come in all shapes and sizes and are usually spoken as a deterrant for action. They are suggestive words.

When you hear you’ve made ‘your bed’ etc question the validity and veracity of that-did

take action against the idiom
take action against the idiom

you make it or was your bed made for you-can you get out of the bed and remake it-is this the bed for you-why should you have to lie in it-stay in it-be trapped in it-why?

Of course you don’t have to lie in it you’re just coerced by the flow of embedded language.

You have your freedom of thought and movement to get out of that bed aka

situation/place take the bull by the horns {oops} and jump out and get another bed.

bull by the horns it's the brave man
bull by the horns it’s the brave man

Watch out for people with small minds who use idiomatic language usually they are not very clever and suffer from closed mindedness or simple minds.

The idiomatic language has an inferance way beyond the speakers thought-it is a way out with nothing resolveable. The mind of the listener can be assuaged by this very simple language. Four eight words can change a persons inner power.

Always question the idiom.