Mobile phone addiction

Can it really be called addiction-we need them, although we never did need constant communication and connection. Whether we know it or admit it we have always being connected. Mostly it was through radio or mass or dancing at the crossroads or the pub but we needed it.

It feels like an addiction there is a powerful sense of need-of desire-of isolation and alienation by not looking and checking that phone.

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Reinforce-Repeat-Consistent and Constant


Every day there is something about stress-mental health-depression-anxiety- panic-pressure-everyday there is someone on the radio/TV/social media on some station somewhere discussing it with emotive voiced others, mostly people who don’t give a damn it’s all about getting out there.

Children never heard or knew or thought of any of these states simply because they are not part of their mind or language.

What is happening children have now no resourcefulness or acumen to get through life without needing a crutch.

Now everyone is a counselor in some school or 3rd level institution were students know the amount of allowances they can get for calling to one of these people.

All a person has to do today is threaten some kind of self harm and they are immediately sent to help. Some times people can be so frustrated and angry that they will actually go through with some act, never caring about the result or the affect on others to get attention.

Can you blame them?

Every where a person looks there is some anxious face staring back from a poster it’s like a hopeless merry go round.

You would think they whole world was on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

We are a mini America-Careful now