Hypnotherapy is another amazing  method to extract  problems deep, deep in the subconscious. We are not just here from our birth we are genetically modified beings evolving  from millions of years ago-we actually do not know how we came to be but as sure as I’m writing this it was not from Darwins theory- there is a much higher creator at work.

A person can learn  self-hypnosis. The power of the mind is beyond scientific knowledge.

Joe E Keaney is a teacher of Hypnosis where you learn to unlock the conscious and reach in to the subconscious

Stephen King say’s when setting a scene he tries to call up an image when he wants to open all his senses ‘This memory search will be brief but intense, a kind of hypnotic recall.

‘As with actual hypnosis you’ll find it easier to accomplish the more you attempt it.’ This memory  recall  filling my minds eye which grows sharper with each thought, I call it ‘a mental eye’.(On Writing) p.175