Kingfisher of the Halcyon

Wuhan virus exposes power of reprogramming the subconscious MIND

Emotional Freedom Technique works on reprogramming-you tap the meridians and this constant repitition of a script formulated for you and used on a daily or many times in a day loud or silent you reprogram and change your DNA, change your behaviours-change your subconscious mind-change your unconscious change you.

Pavlovs’ dog shows us how conditioning and reinforcement alters our attitudes-actions and behaviours and rehabituates our thinking. Using a reward for the reinfocement the dog becomes conditioned.

Bombarded with constant media-twitter-instagram-radio-TV-chat and advertising-news announcements and billboards-vocal and written the worlds attention is captured and complies.


Imagine the world changed FOREVER.

This noise stops people in their tracks-makes them sit up and listen-grabs their attention and their minds and they change subconsciously. Hence the smilarity with power of the mind and EFT.

How people are afraid of each other- keeping their distance-the anger of body language unsettles those around an individual who considers everyone their enemy.

The Wuhan virus if nothing else has shown the power of the mind and EFT works along the same lines you can tap out harmful illnesses and memories, change your behaviours change your outlook.

You need persistence, constance, reinforcement.

So you need to change a habit, or need to develop some inner quality you feel your lacking or a characteristic you’ve inherited and want removed, you tap it out with regular tapping.

After a year and a half of media tapping into our brains with messages of

don’t go out

don’t travel

wear a mask

keep 2 metres apart

get vaccinated

Keep out

Keep away



Our compliance has changed our minds and even though they? are relinguishing on what they have been telling us to do or not to do our minds have been altered.

People are nervous, they avoid one another, they look at their fellow man as the enemy they are afraid.

Brainwashing on this scale is phenomenal-it shows what good little doggies we are.

And we didn’t even get a reward.

Bit like commie China.