Let’s get the sparkle back in your mind

Sparkling Mind

Your thoughts and feelings about other people and events either dull or brighten your sparkle.  Sure, things go wrong, other people behave unkindly, and sometimes events just don’t go your way.

But it’s still your thoughts, feelings, and reactions that create the level of sparkle you offer to the world.

So let’s get you Sparkling

Side of Hand: Even though I’ve been letting my thoughts about “them” dull my sparkle, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway… Even though I’ve been letting my feelings about what happened dull my sparkle, I accept who I am and how I feel… Even though I’ve been letting my reactions control my sparkle, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway!

Eyebrow: My thoughts have dulled my sparkle
Side of Eye: I’ve let my negative feelings dull my sparkle
Under Eye: I’ve let my feelings about “them” dull my sparkle
Nose: I don’t have to dull my sparkle anymore!
Chin: My reactions are sometimes so negative
Collarbone: I have been letting my thoughts dull my sparkle
Under Arm: I blamed them instead of my own reactions
Head: I have the power to feel better every moment of my day

Repeat these positive follow-up phrases while you continue tapping on the identified points.

Eyebrow: I have more power than I thought
Side of Eye: I feel more sparkly already
Under Eye: I can honor my feelings and still sparkle
Nose: I love knowing I can brighten my sparkle
Chin: It’s up to me to brighten my sparkle
Collarbone: I’m feeling more sparkly already!
Under Arm: I can sparkle, even if they behave badly
Head: I choose to release my blocks to sparkling