The Slap

everyone/thing feels
everyone/thing feels

You can’t feel it. You can’t know it. It’s only being on the other side of any hostility that it is felt.

So I want to resolve an argument with you.

I haven’t been taught how to control my emotions.

My only recourse from learned behaviour is a slap, a punch, a kick or a good beating

So what do I do?

I punch you in the face then you’ll understand. You should. When I was a  kid that is what my Mammy did to teach me. Do you understand now?

It is a cycle. Violence is a cycle. It is parents who do not have or who have not being taught as a child self-restraint. They have learned violence is the only answer. This is disposition. Eudaimonia. Some have it most don’t.

Stop and watch a parent in real life slap a small two 2, yes 2 year old baby only two years out of the womb no child needs violence. Love is all you need