Mediation Resolves-Try Talking About it

Mediation Is

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Mediation is a voluntary safe process. Please click yellow writing, new mediation 2012 Bill means Mediation is not voluntary but compulsory), this is great news for all concerned.

Talking Resolves Problems
Talking Resolves Problems

Mediation is less adversarial and more an interest-based process based on consensus and collaborative agreement Mediation is negotiation, negotiation and negotiation.    Mediation is confidential and impartial. Mediation is there to help people express their own needs. Mediation is terminated or caucused if it becomes threatening and intimidatory.

Mediation is concluded when a mutually acceptable agreement is reached, the parties, with the help of the Mediator, will draft an agreement detailing the terms of the settlement. When all parties agree to its terms, the parties, and sometimes the Mediator, sign the written settlement. Parties may, where appropriate, get expert advice prior to the signing of their agreement.

Mediation is future orientated by Philip Zimbardo