Whistling Music and Dance

Why was  whistling as you worked  good for you?

You would wonder wouldn’t you about the connection tween music-dance-you-the universe. Like most things in life the answer is simple. The air expelled relaxes your brain-the music sensation affects the part of your brain which uplifts and relaxes you.

This is commensurate with the sensation of being touched  and the change in your brain that it brings about.  Breathing and being alive.  Drinking and hydrating. Smell and awareness. Eating-filling up-emptying. That is what we do constant recyclers. We are complex but ultimately simple beings, we are nature.

Dance is the same scenario, letting yourself go and being in the activity, enjoying it alters your brain connections,  in turn these activities reduce stress and build up the immune system that has been affected by emotional trauma.

The same applies when listening to music. Music shapes your feelings as well. Enjoy life.

Sometimes we make mountains out of molehills.

You can’t see the air you are breathing in and out, but your body feels it and stays alive.

Using EFT or Meridian Psychotherapy is much like the above, you will not see it or feel it but your brain, body and mind will, it will get to the major event, not excavate and do an archaeological dig but look at the event recognise it and let it go.

Yes we love attention, we love people fawning over us and molly coddling us and our problems but when this dependence becomes all consuming you must let go. Start whistling again, depend on you.


Use and learn EFT it is the life raft.