Who Am I

I am Siobhán Dempsey

I became interested in our place in nature. We used get on with nature. We worked with it not against it. We had nettle soup, cabbage water, herbs, dog leaves, dyed wool, consideration, values, ethics, sincerity people were an end in themselves, now they are a means to an end,

What happened? That is the question you have the answer.

Studied Art and its uses beyond the sacrificial and then Applied Psychology UCC with Philosophy for four years- then studied life processes beyond the now using the study of Hypnotherapy, Meridian Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Dips in each of these. Qualified Mediator from Roundtable.ie.

Currently studying holistic nutrition where what we put in our gut effects what we put out. We are walking microbiomes.

The human art form is not as confusing as it is thought it is the environment and the nature of it and the nurture of it that has outcomes so varied that underneath it all we really are just the same.

I’m a mother, grandmother, gardener, star gazer, photographer, crafter, bird watcher, grafter, critic, stoic, vulnerable, human etc etc.