Go on Love Yourself

Loving you. Liking you. Minding you. So what! Well it is important, and if you don’t learn to others will shape you!

From creation to elimination you are  been sculpted. The kiss, the stinging slap on the cheek each given with purpose and concern.

Reasons not to like you are inculcated, it is not you, it is the environment. These behaviours stay in the conscious mind temporarily, then they hide  in the  sub-conscious (listen to all this video) and arise unexpectedly and limit our lives.

Resolve blocked emotions by tapping them out.

Which one leaves the impact? 

 See what emotion or thought upsets you.

 Creates blocks. Upsets your equilibrium with nature. Puts tension in where once it did not exist. Now you become compliant. Or defensive. Or angry. Become cruel. Agitated. Nervous. Excitable. Sad. Negative.

Tap it out


Remember that our thoughts are real and carry energy…

Our vibration matters!
Value Yourself

You can love you again by clicking on the link above, tapping using the script and meaning it. Believing it. Be specific. Want it. Start to Value Yourself right now by making a list of what you think is valuable about you.

Talk to resolve and restore

For Instance

1. I’m a loyal friend

2. I get my work done on time

3. I contribute a lot to my family

4. I’m a good model for my kids

5. I’m learning how to take better care of myself

6. I like to have a laugh.

click image for more ideas