Personal Peace Procedure


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The Personal Peace Procedure consists of listing every specific troublesome event in your life and systematically using EFT to tap away the emotional impact of these events. You remove every negative tree from your emotional forest and, in so doing, remove significant sources of both emotional and physical ailments.

Cognitive dissonance or internal conflict blocks us. Removing the emotional baggage from your specific events results in less and less internal conflict.

The Personal Peace Procedure

  • Write down every specific troublesome event in your life that you can remember. Every one.
  • Choose the tallest Oak tree  in your negative forest.
  • Apply EFT to them, one at a time, until either you laugh about the event or you “can’t think about it anymore.”
  • Tap on each event until it is resolved.
  • After the Oaks are gone move to the Birch and Pine trees in your forest.
  • Clear at least one of your specific events, preferably three, daily for three months. By taking only minutes per day, in three months you will have cleared 90 to 270 specific events. You will likely discover that your body feels better and  your “threshold for getting upset has decreased i.e. you won’t snap at the smallest thing.