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                                                   Change your perception then you can change your gene activity
You have choices. Don’t let impulses and drives control you. Addictions may be categorised as illnesses and diseases but that is for doctor’s certs and drug companies. You make the choice. It is mind over matter you chose you because you matter now make the decision, I CAN CHANGE.
 How many times have people uttered those three words to you’ You can Change’? It would really make you sick. You can change,  you can change, what do they know about you and your life? The cliché walk in my shoes mantra.
But  maybe you can change! Step back give yourself a chance and watch it happen, not today,not tomorrow not maybe even this year will you see the change after all your life isn’t a flipped burger and chips to go in 5. But I promise change happens if you want it to!!!
That’s the key word ‘WANT’.But you can’t always get it.Maybe it’s not meant to be. ACCEPT.
Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Psychotherapy is about the power within to release those unresolved and blocked emotions. Blocked emotions reduce your immunity. We have heard often enough when your immunity is low you are open to anything toxic in the environment.
Better known as EFT: EFT is about you. You have the answers. You have the choice. You are your responsibility.You know yourself better than anyone. You must trust yourself in the face of yourself. Your fear is intuition telling you don’t be afraid. Go through it.
Learn the holistic way to good health; study it, nothing like a lack of money to pursue SELF HEALTH/ SELF HELP/HELP YOU programs. This also gives you your own  knowledge of the how and why of other methods.
Once you know how to do EFT  tapping you are ready to heal, motivate, renew, relax, go forward and bring abundance to you.
Don’t be afraid: the ultimate fear is the fear of what you are capable of.
You can do it.  You are the environment and you can change it.
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