What Happens to Our Emotions

Our emotions overtake us. Then they scare us. We want to run.We become attached to them, we imagine they rule our lives. Sometimes we even let them!

That is because from our first day of conception we sense them, we are told what we are, how we are and from experience when,how and why to react. This is our emotions in action. Others put their stuff onto us.

What is stuff?

It can be morality, rules, regulations, attitudes, life events, love and hate, sex, abuse, pain too little too much of it, same with love  too much too little can kill us. Any number of things that affect our lives can and do alter our genetic makeup. Even observation changes us and our genes.

When we are confronted with this internal suppressed emotional pain, it manifests in physical pain, emotional anxiety and mental tensions, we reach a crescendo and collapse. Psychiatrists or other medical professionals may be called to  investigate with conditioned eyes. You could end up hospitalised or institutionalised. Behind every problem is a story: get it out.

With EFT and EMDR you do not have to let it out just what you want they are very un-invasive  and not an architectural dig of your memories.

This unresolved emotional pain can be transformed.

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We need help. EFT is the trauma expert, the alleviator, the master:it assimilates, accommodates and concretises this emotional experience by tapping it out of your system.

EFT is a belief in oneself, the power within. As a child you had no fear. All the norms were inputted into your brain via the five sensations of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and most importantly feeling.

Boundaries controlled you

These boundaries were invisible. They were put into your brain and then your mind and your body and suddenly there you were all ready: exposed to life and what it had to offer.

Life,  like a ship floating at sea that gets battered and swept away living on a hope and a prayer that all will be well, you navigate treacherous waters.

Twisted and turned with occasional calm you get through it. When you get a leak  and your  overcome by emotions, you slowly sink, lose control and feel like you are drowning, suffocating and out of control. That is the environment and sometimes actually most times it is other people and their mouths-their guile-their schadenfreude (loving the downfall but pretending not to).

In those stormy seas, the port of safety and renewal, your life jacket, is Emotional Freedom Technique.

There is nothing amazing about EFT. It is not a secret. It is not a chemical. It is not a placebo. Your not stuck in it forever.

It is up to you to use it for anything and everything.